Crazy Critters Printable Game

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The Crazy Critters Game is designed to practice turn taking.

Included in this downloadable game:

·       Crazy Critter Grid (print on cardstock and laminate to make it more durable)

·       Big Dice (print on cardstock for best results)

Children take turns when they play games like checkers or foursquare, while they participate in a class discussion, or during a conversation. Taking turns, and in particular, waiting for the time when it’s your turn, can be frustrating. Playing games is a good way to practice this important social skill.

 “Learning and memory seem to be fixed more strongly and last longer when learned in play” Brown, S. L., & Vaughan, C. C. (2009). Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul.

Download today to start playing and practicing taking turns!